Whole-Home Surge Protection in Hopkins, Minnesota

Did you know your valuable electronics and appliances could be at risk every time you experience an electrical spike?

And theses surges don’t just occur during storms. Small spikes can wear on your electrical devices multiple times a day. Damyans Electric provides surge and lightning protection to keep your appliances safe.

Complete Surge Protection for Your Home

We install our surge protection in the main panel box of your home. The surge protector limits the amount of voltage that flows into your home. This keeps large surges of energy in the electrical current that could cause damage to your home’s electrical systems. The products we use are tested at the highest industry standard for safety. 

A whole-home surge protector keeps your appliances safe from severe power surges and smaller, frequent surges which take a toll on your electrical appliances. The one-time cost of installing surge protection will save you money on maintenance and reduce or risk of losing appliances after surge damage.

Surge FAQ

What is a surge?

A surge occurs when high-voltage electricity travels through your AC power, telephone, or cable lines. Without proper protection, this burst of electricity may damage your home electronics and appliances.

What causes surges?

Surges can be caused by a number of occurrences, but the most common triggers are lightning, utility disturbances, and home appliances (including the A/C) turning on or off.

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