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Smoke Detector Installation in Hopkins, MN

How often should I replace the smoke detectors in my home?

According to the National Fire Protection Association, you should replace your smoke detectors at least every 10 years. However, you should also regularly test and inspect your smoke detectors. If you find any indication that the smoke detectors in your home are not working properly, call Damyans Electric right away to schedule an inspection at (952) 500-8732


smoke detector installation in Hopkins, MN Damyans Electric  

What kind of smoke detector should I install?

Smoke detectors come in two main varieties:

  1. Battery-Operated.  These smoke detectors are individual units, which means they will alarm independently in the presence of smoke. Since they run on batteries, you should check the battery life at least every six months, or up to 10 years with lithium style batteries.
  2. Wired. If you install wired smoke detectors in your home, they will alarm in unison if just one detects smoke. This system provides added safety, as the whole house is alerted to the possible fire. Also, these smoke detectors come with backup battery power in the case of a power outage. 


For more information on which type of smoke detector installation your home needs, call the licensed technicians at Damyans Electric. 

How much does a wired smoke detector system cost?

Professional electricians should install wired smoke detectors to make sure the system works properly. Although the price for smoke detector installation depends on the number of smoke detectors and the size and layout of your home, Damyans Electric is sure to provide professional service at an affordable price with no hidden fees. You can even explore financing options that will make it possible for you to install the best smoke detector system within your budget.

For more information on our smoke detector installation services in Hopkins, MN or the Twin Cities Metro area, or to schedule service, give us a call today at (952) 500-8732.



Smoke Detector Safety Tips

  • Install smoke detectors outside every bedroom and on every level of the home. Larger homes may require extra alarms.
  • Choose interconnected alarms so when one alarm detects smoke, all systems will alert your family of the danger.
  • Maintain your alarms by replacing batteries, cleaning the detector, and testing the alarm with synthetic smoke at least one per year. Be sure to call Damyans Electric if you have any issues.