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Outlets & Light Switches in Hopkins, MN

Wall Outlets

Few homeowners think to repair or replace the wall outlets in their home. However, a broken or worn out outlet can be dangerous to you and your family.

Can I install an outlet myself?

Many homeowners consider outlet installation to be an easy DIY project. While outlets are not the most complex electrical system in your home, they should be installed by a licensed electrician. All electrical wiring is dangerous if done incorrectly.

When should I replace my wall outlets?

If you are experiencing any issues with your electrical outlets, it is important to call an electrician to inspect your wiring and find any outlets that should be replaced.

Warning signs for broken outlets include the following:

  • Plugs are loose and won’t stay plugged in.
  • Outlets spark or make noise when inserting or removing plugs.
  • The outlet plate feels hot at any point.
  • GFCI cannot be reset.

GFCI Wall Outlets

Looking for added safety? GFCI wall outlets prevent electrocutions and keep your family safe.

What is a GFCI?

GFCI stands for ground fault circuit interrupters. It is an outlet designed to cut off power to avoid dangerous electric shocks.

How does a GFCI work?

GFCIs monitor all the electricity passing through a circuit. If the GFCI detects any electricity escaping from the circuit, which happens when the electrical appliance is worn out, damaged, or exposed to water, the GFCI cuts power to the appliance. This split-second reaction protects you and your family from dangerous electrical shock.

Can I install a GFCI myself?

Only licensed electricians should install a GFCI. Working with outlets and electrical circuits is extremely dangerous if you are not thoroughly trained.

Damyans Electric GFCI Services


The National Electrical code requires GFCIs for any outlet where water could come in contact with electricity, including bathrooms, kitchens, garages, outdoors, unfinished areas, and concreate floors.

If you are renovating in your home, or if you would like to improve the safety of your home overall, call Damyans Electric today.


If you already have GFCIs in your home, you should be testing them monthly. To do this, simply press the TEST button on your outlet. The RESET button should pop up. If it doesn’t, your GFCI is not working properly, and you are not protected from electric shock.


Light Switch Installation

You use your light switches every single day. With all this use, your switches are bound to wear out over time. As with any old electrical wiring, you should repair or upgrade your light switches periodically to keep your home running smoothly and make sure your family is safe.

Dimmer Switch

Dimmer switches allow you complete control over the lighting in your home.

The most obvious benefit of dimmer switches is how they can change the ambiance of your home. Whether you want dim the lights for a cozy movie night or as a subtle night light, a dimmer switch lets you customize the brightness of your room based on your preferences.

As an added bonus, dimmer switches are environmentally friendly. Instead of using the entire electrical current, dimming your lights lets you manage your energy use. The cost of installing a dimmer switch in your home can easily made up in savings on your electricity bill!

Light Switch Safety Risks

Light switches tend to have a long lifespan, but you should be aware of the warning signs that your switches should be replaced.

  1. Painted over. When you paint over your light switch, you are reducing its lifespan significantly. If you or any previous owner has painted a light switch, it should be replaced with a clean switch.
  2. Discolored. If your light switch has brown edging, this may be a sign that the electrical current is burning the surrounding plastic.
  3. Over 60 years old. If your house was built before the 1970s, your switches may contain mercury and should be replaced with modern systems.