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Lighting Installation in Hopkins, MN

Lighting doesn’t just illuminate a home; it accentuates certain areas and affects how people use the spaces in which they live. By working with a qualified electrician in Hopkins, MN, you’ll get the quality lighting installation services your family deserves. Whether you’re upgrading existing lighting or building a new setup, you can count on us for skilled and professional lighting installation in Hopkins, MN.

If you need expert lighting installation services in Hopkins, MN, contact us online or give us a call at (952) 500-8732 to schedule an appointment for service.

We Install All Types of Lighting


The right lighting is essential, no matter which part of the home you’re illuminating. Whether you’re putting up some security lights for safety or considering interior lighting installation, our skills and experience allow us to bring your vision to life. Lighting installation in Hopkins, MN is a complex and sometimes risky job, which means it’s better left to the experts.

Our lighting installation specialists will do the job with professionalism as well as a distinctive touch that adds style, warmth, and value to your home. We offer services such as:


Recessed lighting installation
Cabinet lighting
Chandelier installation
Motion and floodlighting
Outdoor lighting installation
Landscape lighting
Pendant lights
Game room lighting installation
Track lighting


Damyans Electric’s team can install or replace any lighting fixture in and around your home. We’ve used our skills, experience, and professionalism to build lasting relationships with customers who are looking for reliable lighting installation in Hopkins. Get more information online or call today to schedule an evaluation and estimate. We’re here to meet your lighting needs and exceed your expectations.

Lighting Installation in Hopkins: What’s Involved?


Unlike painting or rearranging furniture, lighting installation in Hopkins can be challenging. Not only does it require working with dangerous electricity, but it may also entail the installation of wiring and the modification of existing wiring. In ceiling light installation, for instance, fixtures must be secured to cut the risk of falls.

There are also aesthetic issues to consider. Fixtures must be mounted flush with the wall or ceiling, with no visible bumps or seams. Light fixture installation is a big job, but we’re up to the task. Get in touch with us to find out about our lighting installation services.

An Installation Strategy for Every Type of Residential Lighting


When considering upgrades, homeowners should realize that every kind of light requires different installation strategies. For example, exterior lighting installation is often complex. Not only do lights have to look great and work well with timers and security systems, but they also need to be durable enough to stand up to wind, rain, and sun exposure. We install and service all sorts of home lighting, and there’s no job we can’t handle. Call today to schedule home lighting installation in Hopkins, MN.

Looking for a professional and highly-skilled electrician in Hopkins, MN, or the surrounding areas? Contact Damyans Electric today at (952) 500-8732.

Should I Hire an Electrician for Lighting Installation in Hopkins?


While repair people and general contractors can typically handle simple installations, bigger jobs are better left for Minnesota’s licensed electricians. Our team members will install attractive, functional lighting that improves your home’s ambiance and curb appeal while increasing its resale value. Most importantly, though, the lighting we install is guaranteed to be secure and safe. At Damyans Electric, we treat every installation with the same care we’d use in our own homes.

Renovations and More


Are you planning a specialty lighting installation? The Damyans Electric team is here for it! We help our Hopkins customers with all types of residential lighting installations. We’ll always take your preferences and ideas into consideration when putting together a lighting plan that accomplishes all your goals.

Why Choose Us for Lighting Installation?


We know that homeowners in Hopkins have choices when it comes to lighting installation, and we’re glad that they continue to welcome us into their homes. Great electricians have many qualities, but we believe that our commitment to customer safety, service, and satisfaction sets us apart from our competitors. Don’t try to do the job yourself; let us take care of it! Call today to schedule a no-obligation estimate.

Count on Damyans Electric to Get the Job Done Right!


The outdated electrical wiring and fixtures found in Minnesota’s older homes may benefit from some easy and reliable upgrades. LED light installation, for instance, may increase overall energy efficiency. Lighting installation in Hopkins allows property owners to:


  • Save on utilities by increasing overall efficiency
  • Improve security by lighting up dark outdoor areas
  • Gain the peace of mind that comes with system durability and longevity


Whether you’re replacing one fixture or an entire home full of lighting, we want to help. Use our online form to get more information, or call Damyans Electric to schedule a consultation with a trusted and licensed electrician.


Contact us online or give us a call at (952) 500-8732 for more information on our expert lighting installation services in Hopkins.