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Electrical Safety Inspections in Hopkins, MN

According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), electrical issues are the leading cause of fires and property damage in the US.

Call Damyans Electric for routine electrical safety inspections to help keep your family safe from dangerous electrical malfunctions. When we inspect your home electrical system, we inspect all wires, systems, and components according to the national safety standard.

When should I schedule a home electrical checkup?

Before you purchase a new home

When you purchase a new house, you also inherit any electrical mistakes made by inexperienced contractors or the previous homeowner.

Scheduling a home electrical safety inspection before signing a mortgage will help you avoid potential safety hazards. Also, it will give you a plan for optimizing your new home’s efficiency over the years you own it.

When your home is over 40 years old

Like any part of your home, your electrical system is aging. Unlike your 80s-style countertops, when your electrical system becomes outdated, it can cause real problems for your home.

When your home is over 40 years old, it is time to have a complete electrical system checkup. Damyans Electric will spot potential hazards and help you make a plan for renovating your electrical system.

Anytime you install a new appliance

New appliances such as dishwashers, dryers, refrigerators, and entertainment systems can strain your electrical system. When installing a new appliance, call Damyans Electric to avoid overloading certain fuses or breakers and risking a home fire.

During home renovations

Home renovation projects are a perfect time to evaluate your electrical system safety. Call Damyans Electric to schedule an inspection when it is most convenient for you.

If you suspect your home may have electrical issues

You shouldn’t wait for something to go wrong before giving your electrical system the attention it needs. If you worry your home may have electrical problems, call Damyans Electric today for a full inspection.

Do I need a licensed electrician to inspect my electrical systems?

Yes, an experienced licensed electrician is the only one who can properly evaluate your electrical system. The technicians at Damyans Electric have years of experience spotting and fixing electrical safety hazards, and we care for your home like our own.

When we complete an inspection, we find electrical issues while they are still small, saving you money on future larger repairs. We also help you develop a comprehensive plan for resolving minor problems over time to make your home safe and efficient, all within your budget.

Electrical Safety Checklist

Our licensed technicians will evaluate the following areas:

After the inspection, we provide you with a detailed list of the areas we checked. We also include prioritized recommendations for repairing and replacing broken or outdated wires, systems, and components.