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Electrical Mast & Meter Box Service in Hopkins, MN

If you have any concerns about the safety of your electrical mast and meter box on the exterior/interior of your home, call Damyans Electric to inspect your electrical system. 

Damyans Electric technicians have the skill and experience to handle and provide excellent service for even the most complex electrical equipment including:

  • Service drop
  • Service lateral
  • Mast and meter box wiring
  • Meter base and panel
  • Galvanized electrical mast conduit
  • Grounding connections
  • Electrical mast attachment brackets (eye bolt)
  • Mast and meter box cables and conductors

What is an electrical mast and meter box?

When your local power plant generates energy, it needs to transfer it to your home. This transfer can occur on underground or aboveground wiring. With aboveground wiring (a service drop), the energy enters your home with a metal pole called an electrical mast.

The electrical mast connects to a meter box to determine how much energy your home uses and to communicate this with your local power utility company.

Both the electrical mast and meter box are advanced electrical equipment that should be managed by only professional electricians.

Is my electrical mast or meter box broken?

Most electrical mast issues are caused by strong storms and wind damaging the mast and its wires. When this happens, call Damyans Electric to complete the repair.

What does it take to repair an electrical mast or meter box?

Repairing or installing electrical masts and meter boxes can be complicated and dangerous. When you choose Damyans Electric for the job, you get peace of mind that a pro is handling your dangerous problem.

The electrical technicians at Damyans Electric are master, journeyman, and registered apprentices. Damyans Electric is licensed, insured, and bonded, so you can expect friendly and expert service on any electrical needs.

Call us today to schedule a high-quality electrician within your budget.