Electrical Installation in Hopkins, MN

When it comes to installing complex electrical systems, it is important to hire a professional electrician. Electrical installations are not for untrained hands. If you want your electrical system to be safer, it should always be handled by a licensed electrician. 

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Our Dependable Electrical Installation Services

Damyans Electric can cover all your electrical installation needs, from top to bottom. There is nothing we can’t do. Our skilled electricians are ready to give you your dream home with state-of-the-art electrical systems to make your life convenient. We are here to take care of the complicated jobs, so you don’t have to.

Lighting Installation

Let’s brighten up your home with new lights! Did you know that installing new light fixtures can give your home a mini-makeover? By installing lighting that accentuates your home’s strong features, you can give your house a stylish new look. With our indoor and outdoor lighting options, you will definitely find something you need. You can count on us to do a top-notch job on your lighting installation.

EV Charger Installation

So, you have an electric vehicle. You no longer have to worry about the rising cost of fuel. Your eco-friendly vehicle is taking care of you. All that is missing is your own EV charger. If you would like your very own electric vehicle charger installation, contact Damyans Electric. We will ensure that your home and car get the perfect EV charger installation.

Surge Protector Installation

Surge protection strips are useful, but they are not as effective as a whole house surge protector. These devices protect your home from dangerous voltage spikes that damage your valuable appliances. Keep your whole home safe with our whole house surge protector installation. Damyans Electric is here to take care of your appliances and family.

Smoke Detector Installation

The NFPA requires that all homes have smoke detectors installed. One smoke detector is required in every sleeping room and on every level in your home. This is a valid and understandable requirement. Smoke detectors can help to save precious minutes in the event of a fire. The alarm will sound at the first detection of smoke. This gives you time to evacuate the house and call for emergency services. 

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Carbon Monoxide Detector Installation

Carbon monoxide can be released by your gas-powered stove, furnace, or water heater if there is a leak. The carbon monoxide emissions are supposed to be removed from your home, but when there is a leak, it can make its way into your home. Carbon monoxide is a deadly gas that cannot be seen or smelt. You will only be aware of carbon monoxide poisoning when you feel dizzy and nauseous. At this point, the gas has already affected your health. Don’t let this happen. Install a carbon monoxide detector to avoid this danger.

Ceiling Fan Installation

You can get a cool breeze blowing through your home without running your electricity bills sky-high with a ceiling fan installation. All of our ceiling fan installation services are always completed with expertise and with safety at the forefront of our minds.

Electrical Panel Installation

Every home needs an electrical panel if you want access to your electricity since it distributes electricity throughout your home. Over the years, your electrical panel may become faulty and you may need to replace it. Installing a new electrical panel will give your home better electrical convenience and added safety. Contact us for your electrical panel installation.

Outlet and Switch Installation

Are you tired of busted outlets and switches that serve no purpose in your home? If so, contact us for your brand-new outlet and switch installation. Installing new outlets will also give you easier access to your electricity. You will no longer need extensions or overload your outlets. You can enjoy these new outlets. 

Electrical Wiring Installation

If it has been a while since you rewired your home, or you don’t know when last it was rewired, contact our trusted electricians in Hopkins. We will inspect your wiring for damage. If you smell a burning plastic smell in your home, this is a sign that your wires are damaged and need urgent attention. Rewiring your home will make it safer.

Electrical Inspections and Troubleshooting

Having your home inspected regularly will bring peace of mind to you and your family. Our electricians will check your electrical system thoroughly for signs of components that require replacing. 

Electrical Installation Services You Can Count On

If you require any of our high-quality electrical installations, feel free to contact us. Damyans Electric takes pride in working hard and delivering excellent results for our neighbors in Hopkins, MN.

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